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After creating an account, you'll be able to track your payment status, track the confirmation and you can also rate the tour after you finished the tour.
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  1. “Uniflucht GmbH” does not provide the participants with any travel insurance.
  2. “Uniflucht GmbH” recommends all participants to have their own insurances that covers all possible issues of travel.
  3. As a travel guarantee, our company is in cooperation with a German Guarantee Found. In the case of a bankrupt or such, all participants have the right to get refund and preserve their rights.

* Can I use my travel Cancellation insurance?

A travel cancellation insurance comes into effect if you unexpectedly fall seriously ill and are unable to start your trip. However, travel cancellation insurance does not come into effect if you want to withdraw from your trip for fear of infection. If you are ill while on holiday, you can take advantage of the international health insurance, which also covers the costs of a return transport. Insurance cover also exists if the Federal Foreign Office has issued a travel warning due to Covid-19 at the time of cancellation. However, there is no insurance cover in those cases in which the travel warning is issued for other reasons.

(Please contact with us if you would like to get more information)

Baggage Allowance

  1. Luggage allowance is one luggage and one hand luggage per person. Exceptions can be made when appropriate and agreed upon. The requirements are as shown:
    • Hand luggages must be max.40cm x 30cm x 10cm and max. 5kg
    • For 2-3 days trips, the luggage allowance is 1 luggage of max. 20kg and a hand luggage of 5kg per person.
  2. Luggages that are given to the bus carriage will not be accessible during the trip and only will be accessed when we arrive to our hotels/hostels. There may be complications and damages if this rule is broken and Uniflucht Gmbh has the right to take legal steps in this matter.
  3. Participants may leave their belongings in the bus during the trips but passports, documents, perfumes, electronics and all other valuable belongings are recommended to be with the participants at all times. Uniflucht Gmbh cannot be held responsible of any problems in this matter.
  4. Uniflucht Gmbh do not permit animals, dangerous goods or illegal possessions. The outcomes of carrying such objects will belong to the participants.
  5. Participants are responsible for the forgotten or damaged objects.

Cancellation Policy

  1. Any discounted fares, promotion fares, sale fares and package deals are non-transferable and non-refundable.
  2. Promotional trips issued as a donation, sponsoring or prizes are personalized and non-transferable.
  3. Vouchers / Gift Certificates are non-refundable.
  4. In general it is possible to transfer a ticket to somebody else. By doing so you are obliged to pay a change fee for each event of change, depending on the type of trip (10€ for a day trip, 20€ for a multi-day trip, 50€ for cruise/airplane trips).
  5. Subjected to availability, it is possible to change the city of departure. By doing so you are obliged to pay the difference fare (if any) and a change fee for each event of change, depending on the type of trip (10€ for a day trip, 20€ for a multi-day trip, 50€ for cruise/airplane trips).
  6. Cancellation and voucher conditions are as shown . Two refund options available are: a. Voucher refund: by selecting this option, a non-transferable voucher will be provided, which can be used for future multiple purchases with Uniflucht. The voucher shall have a validity of 3 months, after which it is irreversibly disabled. Any unused balance is automatically fortified. b. Money refund: by selecting this option, a refund will be processed by Uniflucht within 10 working days. The bank account details used for the payment have to be provided, in order to receive the money back.
  7. Cancellation of a trip booking by you is irreversible. The following cancellation and refund policies apply




Weather, environmental and political conditions

  1. Uniflucht GmbH” cannot be held responsible of the changes that have to be made by environmental conditions. Passengers do not have the right to cancel the trip because of the weather conditions. Only Uniflucht Gmbh can decide this and will sure be taking precautions when needed.
  2. Uniflucht GmbH” cannot be held responsible of the any delays or cancellations of the trips caused by the problems of customs, terror acts or other political factors.
  3. Uniflucht GmbH” cannot be held responsible of latencies caused by the traffic jam, mechanical breakdowns or other conditions related to the voyage.

Voucher Certificates

1. Voucher certificates offered by Uniflucht can be used with multiple purchases and are linked to your email ID. However, vouchers are non-transferable and non-refundable.

2. The validity of voucher may differ from case to case. The effective validity is as stated on the voucher.

3. Redeeming only one voucher certificate per transaction is possible. Voucher certificates can not be used in combination with any other promotions.

4. Uniflucht does not keep track of voucher usage. Hence it is the sole responsibility of you to maintain the confidentiality of your voucher certificate.

5.  In case of any suspicious activity, voucher certificates may be disabled at the discretion of Uniflucht without any prior notice.


  1. This terms and conditions section is identified for Uniflucht Gmbh’s all services, packages and sales according to German laws § 651 a Abs. 1 BGB. When the reservations, bookings and other services that may be included are being processed via e-mail, in person or over the phone, all participants agree that they confirm the stipulation.
  2. This agreement is between the participants and Uniflucht Gmbh.
  3. In addition, in this terms and conditions  “we”-“us” or “our” refers to Uniflucht GmbH and “you” refers  to potential or current participants.
  4. Booking is only carried out via Uniflucht GmbH website by registering online and further following the necessary steps specified.
  5. This contract between you and Uniflucht Gmbh will be completed with the confirmation of reservation.
  6. This contract is not valid for the reservations that are made 7 days or less before the trips; in this case the contract will be accepted valid by the confirmations via email or phone.
  7. For the participants who make more than one reservation, they are accepted responsible for the other participants as well as themselves.
  8. The controls of the reservation and all other travel information belong to the participants and Uniflucht Gmbh is not responsible for any problems caused by them. Thus, participants do not have the right to require a refund and such.

Payment Instructions

  1. Participants must complete the full payments by any of the methods we offer in order the ensure their seats.
  2. All payments must be completed in Euros and Uniflucht Gmbh cannot be held responsible of the transfer fees. The required amounts must be paid in full.
  3. After the full payment is completed, the seat certainty will depend on the bus seats’ availability. Uniflucht Gmbh highly recommends the early registration and payment.
  4. Uniflucht Gmbh will send all participants a reservation number for the confirmation of the reservation. This number will be required in order for the participants to take place in the trips. The number that we send to all participants must be printed and with the participants during the trips. Uniflucht Gmbh coordinators will check these papers when letting you in the bus. If there are any problems with this paper or any other documents that we require you to have with you, the coordinators have the right to cancel your participation.
  5. We do not accept installment. If the installment is agreed upon in some exceptions, this must be specified in the booking confirmations. Each payment must be done in the dates agreed upon. If the payment is not done in the date of agreement, the reservation will not be ensured. If the participant decided to cancel the participation after meeting the requirements of cancellation policy, the refunds will be done in the next 2 days.

Extra Activities

  1. Participants have the opportunity to join activities that will be announced by Uniflucht Gmbh. ( e.g; Boat Party-Boat Tour-Pub Crawl). These activities are not included in the total price of the trips.
  2. The activities mentioned will be run by the local firms of that country and all participants who want to take part in extra activities must follow the terms and conditions of that country/firm.
  3. Participants may cancel the activities 14 days before the trip. There will be no refunds or cancellations if the time period given is not followed.
  4. Tickets for the activities will be given to the participants during the activity day or at the activity place.
  5. The activity tickets belong to the participants after they are given by Uniflucht Gmbh and there will be no refunds after this point.
  6. Participants must be in the meeting point at the exact time announced by Uniflucht Gmbh coordinators. Participants do not have the right to require a refund or cancellation if they are not present.

Passenger Responsibilities

  1. It is the responsibility of each participants to keep the necessary documents with them at all times through the trips. (Passport, visa, travel insurance, travel documents etc.) Passports are being checked while getting on the bus. If there are problems with any participants’ documents, Uniflucht Gmbh is not responsible of the departure delays, or participant cancellations.
  2. Participants are responsible of being present in the meeting point and time that Uniflucht Gmbh announces before the trips via e-mail or/and social media accounts. Uniflucht Gmbh is not obligated to wait for any late participants and all participants agree to this.
  3. Participants cannot require a refund or cancellation due to being late to the bus or missing it. All participants must be present 15 minutes before the bus departure.
  4. All participants must follow the Uniflucht Gmbh coordinators’ announcements throughout the whole trip. Participants are expected to be in the bus or in the meeting points at given times. Uniflucht Gmbh is not responsible or obligated to assist of participants’ latencies and such.
  5. Uniflucht Gmbh team members are always accessible during the trips and are obligated of being helpful to all participants. However, participants do not necessarily travel around as a group and they are responsible of their own activities. Only the tour guided events can be carried out as a whole group of all participants. Others can be done with the participants’ wills and choices. Uniflucht Gmbh must be informed about any physical handicaps beforehand and is not obligated to provide any services in this matter.
  6. Uniflucht GmbH is not responsible of your personal belongings. Under all circumstances, participants agree that they are responsible for any loss and such.
  7. Uniflucht Gmbh’s team members can take precautions and/or make changes on the trip plan depending on circumstances. All participants are obligated to agree upon the changes and know that our team members always make decisions for you and for your safety.
  8. All participants agree to follow the regulations specified in this terms and conditions, the visiting countries’ laws and customs regulations throughout the whole trip. In the case of misbehavior, Uniflucht Gmbh has the right to cancel the participations without being have to process a refund and such. Participants who break the rules will have to continue the trip or go back to their departure cities by themselves and cannot require any other services of Uniflucht Gmbh.
  9. The sections above clearly requires a full personal responsibility and in the case of misbehaviors Uniflucht Gmbh is not obligated of defending any participant.
  10. When you attend to an Uniflucht Gmbh trip, you agree to have your photos taken as a group and such for the use of advertisement on our social media. These photos are only for social media, our website and fliers. If you do not wish to take part in any photos or videos, you may talk to us beforehand and stay out of the frames.
  11. Uniflucht Gmbh do not provide the participants with any travel insurances and highly recommends its participants to have one.
  12. CHANGE OF DEPARTURE PLACE: If there are less than 10 participants from a departure city, the departure point will be cancelled. The travellers will be informed 2 days before the departure. We will provide you with a ticket to the closest available departure for the trip.
  13. DISTURBANCE BY TRAVELER: All of our students are very kind and friendly and we never had any problems. But due to business reasons we have to inform you in advance: If someone of our participants disturbs the trip or other participants and does not stop to do so despite our warnings, Uniflucht has got the right to immediately cancel the trip for this participant. This means he/she will be sent home and has to pay the costs by himself/herself.

Tour Description

  1. Uniflucht GmbH provides its participants with the round trip service by rented busses. In addition, it provides the hotel/hostel accommodation for trips that are more than one day duration. One day trips do not contain any accommodation services. Accommodations are usually provided in 2, 3, 4,5,6,8 people per room depending on the hotel/hostels. Room planning is under the control of Uniflucht Gmbh personal.
  2. Room changes, switching rooms etc. cannot be guaranteed or promised and they depend on the accommodation conditions. A room for 2 requires extra fee and the payment is done over Uniflucht Gmbh’s website. If the website does not lead you to the extra fee payment page, you must contact us before the trip.
  3. Uniflucht GmbH has the right to either cancel or delay the trips under unexpected circumstances and does a full refund to all participants in such cases.
  4. There will be an Uniflucht Gmbh team leader at all trips. The leader will give all participants information about the trip, helps you with any possible problems and can give you recommendations on where to see in the cities to be discovered. However, note that the leader is not a tour guide and not responsible of the historical and/or detailed information of the cities.

We are here for you – stay healthy!

We sincerely thank you for your patience and understanding.

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